Origin and Evolutions

SOFTEL Engineering S.r.l., founded in 1987, is the evolution of a electrical and electronic systems company built up in 1977.

We design and build machines for various computerized control productions and machines accordingly specific customer’s requirements, which undergoes a free initial feasibility analysis.

Machinery we have already produced:

  • Machines for the production of springs for agriculture;
  • Machines for processing of forms for footwear;
  • Various machine tools with electromechanical systems (edge cuttings, polystyrene folding, etc.).
  • Incinerators for medical waste;
  • Plants for screening and packaging the salt;
  • Plants for the spraying of worn tires for the purpose of recycling
  • Installations for the production of conglomerates from recycled rubber;
  • Storage and transportation of coal mine CARBOSULCIS Cortoghiana (CA) in Sardinia

All our machines are controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller), who presides over all the controls on the operation plant. It manages the machine start-up and stop sequences, follow the system operation, reveals alarms and activates the necessary steps to prevent damage. The PLC receives by the installation all necessary signals: photocells, limit switches, level sensors, thermal relays, thermostats, pressure switches, etc. The PLC provides to the machine all necessary commands: motor starts, commands to actuators. Input and output devices are connected to the PLC via a bus field.

Such designed system, in addition to fully meeting the needs of the installation, provides the assurance of flexibility of use and a wide development opportunity for future reference.

The interface with operators is made by a ‘’touch screen’’ panel through which you can give all the necessary controls, view the alarms, check and modify working parameters.

Company profile

The design is done at the company's headquarters, where also is handled the administrative sector.

Bureaucracy, expected and required by the rules of sector, are followed and fulfilled by our technicians.

One area of our business is dedicated to the manufacturing of PLC computer-controlled panels for the services system management and for machinery automation.

The company is an autonomous facility capable to provide complete products, from project analysis to installation execution by mean its own staff. However, you can also request only some of services listed above, leaving the execution of remaining to your usual suppliers, which will be anyway coordinated by our technicians.

We are present in the field of civil and industrial services, both in Italy and abroad.