Hotel business management systems

Our company has designed, coordinated and achieving their technological systems (electrical, electronic, air conditioning, fire, water / health, protection against discharges weather) of a hotel of 30 rooms and a small conference room.
All air conditioning systems and services are controlled by a programmable controller (PLC), placed within the general framework, which collects and analyzes data coming from upper zone through a networking Devicenet ™. Each framework zone brings together a block of rooms in order to optimize the wiring of input and output that operating them. Of all the rooms and all the plants are harvested temperatures thus optimizing energy consumption.
The machines that produce heating and cooling systems are used in rotation and according to the request of reducing consumption and distributing wear out evenly.
As user interface we installed on a PC, a program of supervision SCADA, which we developed, through which you can, at any time, with windows graphics easy to understand, act on operational parameters of viewing and alarms or anomalies, thus reducing the time for action and then the hardships resulting from time lost.

Control page air conditioning installation

With a simple press of a mouse you can select a room and put it into reservation, or in a state of "busy", thus automatically changing the management of the room temperatures.
This operation is also possible to have it automatically play the system that reads, through the standard ADO, but reservations from the hotel management, now that many hotels have as a tool software aid in the management accounting. In the following figures shows the pages control rooms. Each room contains the color of the state where (free, occupied or booked), and its temperature.

Windows graphics to control rooms and PT PP

The system described above is flexible and easy management as the configuration chosen for the automation may be amended or expanded at any time to meet new requirements.

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