Coal store and transport Carbosulcis mine of Cortoghiana in Sardinia

We have manufactured a control system for a set of mechanical equipment used for the coal store and transport, situated in a tunnel 400 mt deep.

Since it was an area with explosion risks, all the materials making up the plant are in accordance with the ATEX rules.

Tunnel Details

Electrical and electronic components

  • N° 156 vibrant extractors, each one composed of two motors;
  • N° 3 motors for belt conveyors carriers;
  • N° 1 Inverter connected to the computerized system through a bus of Profibus DP field;
  • N° 40 ultrasonic level sensors connected to a bus of Profibus DP field converted into PA which can be outlined via software too;
  • N° 2 digital measuring tools equipped with an analogical signal retrieval monitoring the power consumption of the motors and the plant as well.

A short description of the plant working principles

The product is conveyed on the hopper through a loading belt.

A truck vomer moves on the net with a non-stop controlled transfer, its purporse is to receive the product and to unload it evenly in adjoining zones filling the whole hopper uniformly.

The unloading phase, which can be operated on request, makes the vibrating boards operate in groups and they unload the product on a belt placed under them.

The product passing on the unloading belt is weighed with continuum scales.

In accordance with che weight of the outgoing product the PLC controls the number of boards which are simultaneously unloading, thus keeping the quantity of the outgoing product constant

In this stage some zones of the hopper are empty and the control systems arranges for another filling-up.

The interface with the separators takes place through a control screen in the panel board underground or through a PC with an optical fibre Ethernet connection from  the surface control room, through which you can give all the necessary orders, visualize the alarms, check and modify the working parameters.

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