Products and Services

SOFTEL Engineering S.r.l.,activity concerns electrical industrial installations and automation, computerized systems for the automation of integrated services, and air conditioning of buildings. We are also able to run telephone systems, security and CCTV.  Photografic documentation

In the automation field we design and build systems for robotic industrial machinery, including:

-Incinerators for hospital waste
-Plants for screening and packing of salt
-Equipment for the pulverization of worn tires for recycling
-Installations for the production of conglomerates from recycled rubber
-Processing plants, storage and transportation of various materials (coal, aggregates, grain, etc.).
-Installation management systems for the hotel business
-Integrated access control and management of facilities

The company is an autonomous structure, able to deliver complete products, from analysis of the project to execution of the product with its own staff.

We are present in the field of civil and industrial services, both in Italy and abroad.

Customer who turns to us then we offer the following services:
1) Consulting;
2) Project analysis;
3) Draft guidelines;
4) Executive project;
5) Drawings in AutoCAD ™;
6) Software for automation systems on "PLC";
7) Realization of electrical switchboards and / or control;
8) Plant installation with our qualified staff.

You can also request only some of the services listed above, leaving the execution of remaining to your usual suppliers, which will be anyway coordinated by our technicians.